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Expert Guide for Buying Water Softeners

Nowadays, most homeowners are investing in quality water softeners because of very many reasons. First, before anything, you need to understand what hard water is. In simple terms, hard water mainly consists of dissolved calcium, manganese compounds and magnesium minerals. Although hard water is still safe for domestic use, it leaves rusty residues on showers and dishes and other hot water appliances. When you keep on using hard water, it may eventually affect the performance and efficiency of your appliances. One technology that is cheap and efficient in solving this issue is called a water softener.

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The water softener simply helps in breaking down the dissolved minerals making it less harmful to your appliances and the water piping system. Also, hard water consumes a lot of soap or washing detergents. Therefore, for you to avoid clogging of water pipes, shortening their lifespan, and wastage of soap, you need to invest in a quality water softener. In this guide, you will be able to learn how you can buy the best water softener from your favorite online or offline dealer. Continue reading in order to make a worthwhile investment.

Water Usage

The first aspect to look at is the size of your home and water usage in general. You should note that the grain capacity of a softener is the number of dissolved minerals that can be removed before they regenerate. Therefore, when you go out to buy a water softener, make sure that you consider the grain capacity in relation to the amount of water supplied to your home daily. It is good to buy a high capacity softener if you have more water supplies within your premises. Simply consider your ideal grain capacity range if you want to buy a softener that will meet your needs.

Energy Efficiency

Secondly, make sure you take a look at the energy efficiency of the water softening system. A great energy efficient water softening model reduces water use by about 30 percent. Choosing such a softener can really lower your home’s energy bills. You should read water softener reviews to determine whether or not the softener is power efficient.

Measuring Water Hardness

Before you buy any water softener, you have to study how hard the water is. Otherwise, you may make an unworthy investment if you do not take this factor seriously. Always contact a reputed water testing company to conduct a test before you go out to buy a water softener. Also, you can buy a simple home test kit which is cheaper and handy. Testing the water hardness first can help you to find the best gadget for that particular task. A typical home test kits have a strip that turns to a particular color depending on the number of dissolved minerals in your water.…